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Here is the Proof

At Mrs. Doe Pee's Buck Lure's, we care about our costumers. So, we work to ensure the quality of the product and get our costumers the shot on their deer of a lifetime.


We could tell you about the product or you can see what the costumers think.

Testimonials: Testimonial

"Mrs. Doe Pee's works for kids too!”

Tyler Davis


"Set up a Land Mine mock scrape and laid down a Doe in Estrus Trail. Had this nice eight pointer come in too close for his health. Been using the Doe in Estrus for years, and the Land Mine is a great addition. 


Thanks Sam and Judi for your great scents.”

Tom Venezia

Terry Bett.jpg

"Mrs. Doe Pee's can draw the bulls in close enough to get yourself a shot!"

Terry Betteridge


"Brought this big buck I licking his lips to twelve yards when I killed him on opening evening. First time I have ever used & I'm definitely sold on it. Thanks for the great product."

Jeffrey Akers


"Mrs. Doe Pee's did the trick for me! Love these products."

Gretchen Greiner


"Best lure I've ever used."

Earl Taylor


"Mrs. Doe Pee's works year after year after year...!"

Gerrald Bailey


"These products are the real deal! I've been using them for 5 years and have brought in more bucks than I can count."

Bill Maddux


Using Mrs. Doe Pee's Buck Lures

Michael Beatty

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