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Our Healthy Herd

We at Mrs Doe Pee's have a deep love, respect, and admiration for whitetail deer and elk. It encompasses our own herd as well as the whitetail and elk in the wild.

Our Herd: News

CWD Accredited

Urines from Healthy animal DO NOT spread CWD disease!

We do not buy urines from any other farm. All urines sold through Mrs. Doe Pee's Buck Lures and through our American Outdoors Archery Shop near Salem, Iowa are collected from our own farmed whitetail deer and elk.

When Chronic Waste Disease was found in Wisconsin, we here at Mrs Doe Pee's farm were compelled to participate in a monitoring program to verify our animals health and to ensure we would be part of a solution and not be part of a problem. We were under the jurisdiction of the Iowa DNR at that time. With no program in place, we were sending brain stem samples on whitetail we lost in the herd to Colorado State Labs for CWD testing. The elk producers were under Iowa Dept. of Agriculture. We were able to get our elk on a CWD monitoring program in July 2002.  By Oct. 2002, a CWD monitoring program was in place for our whitetail.

  • Our fencing is under continued surveillance by the Iowa DNR to ensure protection of our animals.

  • Each animal can be verified using two USDA approved tags.

  • Continued yearly inventory monitoring showing DOB for all natural additions. 

  • We have been a closed herd since 2002, meaning that we do not bring any new animals into our herd. 

  • We utilize artificial insemination to differ the bloodlines and avoid inbreeding. Semen comes only from herds that are as accredited as we are.

  • Much of our penned area is already double fenced. We have acquired additional fencing to complete the double fencing project. We do not have chronic wasting disease in our area in the wild. 

  • Our animals are fed excellent Dairy Quality hay purchased from a local farmer. 


Tuberculosis Testing

July 12, 2025

Having healthy animals is important to us in order to help ensure quality of our animals lives as well as quality of product. We test each animal on our farm every three years for tuberculosis, which is a certified test by the US Department of Agriculture.

In 2002, we stopped giving tours through our facility to prevent contamination. Our collection facility has a dual floor system where the feces on one floor and the urine is on another to flow into a container in the cooling pit. Everyday our animals are are out for exercise, sunshine, and food while we power wash our flooring system. 

Unlike synthetic lures, an MSDS sheet on our natural urine products. 

We are proud to say that we have taken these steps to make sure we are offering our costumers products from disease free animals. None of these programs are mandatory. There is no one in the world who cares more about the health and welfare of the captive wild whitetail deer than us here at Mrs. Doe Pee's where ever they reside in the USA. Whitetail deer are not a hobby, not a job, not a career; they are our life. We are simply trying to be the best stewards of the land and natural resources we have. For the guidance and support of these programs, we thank the Iowa Dept. of Agriculture State Veterinarian Dr. David Schmitt and Southern Iowa State Veterinarian Dr. Robert Welander. Our local vet, Dr. Rick Howie, Iowa USDA vet, Dr. Kevin Petersburg, Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources Wildlife Biologists, Dr. Gale Garner and Henry County DNR officer Dan Henderson. 

Sam & Judi Collora

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