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New Product for 2023

The Game Changer

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The Mrs. Doe Pee's Advantage


Over the years, Sam and his staff at Mrs. Doe Pee's Buck Lures have consistently provided quality products to their customers. As they raise whitetail deer and elk, they meticulously collect from them in order to distribute an exceptional product across the nation.

Our costumers work hard for their money and time off and Mrs. Doe Pee's Staff respects this in every aspect of the process to ensure that the hunter has the finest quality product to take to the field. 

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Land Mine

The Land Mine can be used for stand locations, trail cameras, or both. Extensively tested, this product can draw in bucks anytime between August and January.


Starter Pack

Don't know where to begin? Try Mrs. Doe Pee's starter pack to start an iconic duo between yourself and Mrs. Doe Pee's Buck Lures.

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Fresh Doe in Estrus Urine

About Us

Fresh Lures Since 1991

Mrs. Doe Pee's Buck Lures was built through hard work and dreams of big bucks. Our lure process is unique, highly evolved, and meticulously maintained in order to ensure the highest quality of scents as well as producing the most effective lure in the field.


Our lure features genuine, fresh product, completely free of preservatives, maintaining the integrity of the scent. 

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