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DREAMS CAN COME TRUE! (If you use the right stuff!) 

NEW! - Sam's recent interview with our good friends at Hook and Hunt Radio!

Mrs. Doe Pee's Land Mine

NEW! - Mrs. Doe Pee's Buck Lures is proud to introduce a new innovation of scent delivery. 

The Land MineTM is set by burying the mine below ground level, pulling the wick from below ground level to permeate the seductive urine based scent in the air. 

Mrs. Doe Pee's is proud of Sam Collora -- gracing the cover of North American Whitetail for the third time with another massive buck!

Sam Collora's 3rd cover of Whitetail Magazine

 Mrs. Doe Pee’s dedication to excellence begins with a healthy herd of whitetail and elk. We spend thousands of dollars yearly to be government certified TB free and CWD accredited.

Mrs. Doe Pee’s fresh lures process is unique, highly evolved and meticulously maintained to ensure the highest quality scents and lures and the highest degree of effectiveness you can expect in the field. When a whitetail doe is in heat, she secretes a mucous from the birth canal. As she urinates, this secreted mucous which contains the “pheromone” that attracts the bucks for mating, is picked up in the urine. We call this our “Doe in Estrus” urine. Why is the integrity of urine important?

Pheromones can be destroyed by heat and certain chemicals. The effectiveness of pheromones can be altered by preservative used to halt the growth of bacteria. Through much research and field testing, Sam and his staff have found keeping the urines pure, undiluted, and freshly collected allows for hunters’ greatest success. In order to deter bacterial growth, our flooring system does not allow the clean urine to be in contact with fecal material. We high pressure water wash the facility daily.

Our customers work hard for their money, their time off, and Mrs. Doe Pee’s staff respects this in every step of the process to ensure that our customer has the finest quality product to take to the field. “Fresh” at Mrs Doe Pee’s means the urine is collected, packaged, frozen to a slush, then shipped within days, in coolers and/or with ice packs. We count on you to keep it fresh, apply it properly and make the shot!!! Your success is what motivates and rewards us!


NEW! - Mrs. Doe Pee Bucklure introduces Mathews “Passion” Doe in Estrus. Best selling spray bottle wrapped in Lost Camo, exclusive to Mathews Dealers.

Matthews "Passion" Doe in Estrus